Love who you are

I want  to be who I am

I don’t want to change that for nobody

I love who I am

I am happy being who I am, nothing can change that No matter what life throws at me, I will always be happy with the life God gave me

Life can be very difficult at times I learned not to give up as a woman I must embrace my root understand why am I here on earth I will not let color define who I am

Love who you are


5 thoughts on “Love who you are

  1. Laruri love says:

    I’m very proud of you now I will learn to love myself more Thank you for the kind word it’s meant a lot to me! I hope you’re keeping doing what you loved keep inspiring others to do the right thing about their body learn to embrace everything about themselves!

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  2. Occenat Richardson says:

    Au sommet épanouissement et destinée
    L’ambition, la force morale et la vigueur des 4 les aident à arriver à bon prot.
    Il faut apprendre à apprécier les bonne chose
    Bravo Enise bon travail

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  3. Bofrè mwen vle wè w ou met vizite amazing Grace world missions page: amazing Grace or come to worship with us at 5218 west colonial Dr Orlando FL 32808.


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